How often do words appear in a text?


A word in a text is defined as the longest sequence of letters, where every character that is not a letter is considered a word boundary. Your task:


This is the exact same assignment as the previous assignment, but now you have to make sure to process the text line by line. This is something that you would have to do if you had to process a very long text.


In the following interactive session we assume the text file data.txt1 to be located in the current directory.

>>> worden_split('data.txt')
['How', 'much', 'wood', 'would', 'a', 'woodchuck', 'chuck', 'If', 'a', 'woodchuck', 'could', 'chuck', 'wood', 'He', 'would', 'chuck', 'he', 'would', 'as', 'much', 'as', 'he', 'could', 'And', 'chuck', 'as', 'much', 'as', 'a', 'woodchuck', 'would', 'If', 'a', 'woodchuck', 'could', 'chuck', 'wood']
>>> word_count('data.txt')
{'how': 1, 'much': 3, 'wood': 3, 'would': 4, 'a': 4, 'woodchuck': 4, 'chuck': 5, 'if': 2, 'could': 3, 'he': 3, 'as': 4, 'and': 1}