Typical autocorrect functions are the following:

  1. if a word starts with two capitals, followed by a lower-case letter, the second capital is made lower case;

  2. if a sentence contains a word that is immediately followed by the same word, the second occurrence is removed;

  3. if a sentence starts with a lower-case letter, that letter is turned into a capital;

  4. if a word consists entirely of capitals, except for the first letter which is lower case, then the case of the letters in the word is reversed

  5. if the sentence contains the name of a day (in English) which does not start with a capital, the first letter is turned into a capital.


A single line of text.


The text after performing the auto-corrections listed above.



We're the the PEople's fRONT of of Judea!


We're the People's Front of Judea!